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More than jewelry! - Carafe
  • More than jewelry! - Carafe

    SKU: v.c.collab.23.2

    Carafe/ Vase
    ø 11 cm/ 29-30 cm high,
    made of clear borosilicate glass


    The idea that jewelry can stand apart from the body was the key idea for Carolin and me when we designed this limited series of objects.

    With the plan that we wanted to create something together and break out of our comfort zone of metal, we were both fascinated by the materiality of glass.

    Glass is fragile yet durable, it can be shaped and used in almost any way. Light and colour are magically attracted to its surface. 


    In our joint work we created unique and functional glass objects. With the support of Cristallerie Schönberg from Rheinbach, we were able to realise our ideas. 

    Our glasses and carafes are mouth-blown from borosilicate glass and completely handmade. 


    It was important to us that they are multifunctional in their composition. These limited-edition objects are versatile and can be used for cold drinks, hot drinks or as tea light holders and vases.  



    Limited edition of 28 glasses and 10 carafes.


    Available here in the shop and at


      • Material

        Borosilicate glass. Heat resistant and cold resistant. 
        Please note that despite all this, this is glass and should be treated as such. 

        In case of damage, please contact me or Carolin by email. As durability was important to us, this particular type of glass is repairable.

      • Measurement

        about 30 cm x 11 cm

        Please note that the dimensions may vary as all pieces are mouth-blown and handmade.

      VAT Included
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