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It’s about things that already take you in by the mere sight, things that radiate something from within that can’t be described exactly.

What is the essence that makes objects have such an effect on the viewer? Is it the ingredient of manual work, that things created with the hands, with the human body are charged with a special energy? For in creation, the whole of the human being is involved, one´s thoughts, one´s feelings and one´s body, which can possibly provide things with an aura.

And doesn’t man long for unique pieces made by hand, for this very reason? Or could it be something completely different?

And the question, if man is removed from the process of creation, does the aura of things disappear?

It is, however, the incomprehensible, which perhaps cannot be defined and which makes the confrontation with this question so exciting.

thesis - "unfassbar"


Exibitions - Pop-ups 2020


The PASSAGEN Interior design week Cologne is the largest german design event, which has taken place annually in Cologne since 1990, with now more than 160 exhibitions throughout the city of Cologne, with exhibitions and events on current trends in design, especially in interior design. (January 2020)

Pop Up  "odd ones"

For the second time, Juliette Nickel from "Nave shop - good and beautiful things" invited to a Pop-up store at the Kunsthaus Rhenania in Cologne. This year the focus was on extraordinary design objects, forgotten classics and fresh new discoveries by young designers* and artists* from Cologne and Berlin.   (August 2020)

exhibition design by Marta Pracht 
contact marta pracht via instagram @miomartita

Exibitions - Pop-ups 2021


New Collection exhibition "Dueto & the human body"


„Dueto- the two-sidedness in all being and its eternal game of keeping the balance of two absolutely different parties and its dependence in their existence with each other.“


„The Human Body- with its sense organs at the centre of the spirit, it hovers between matter and the mind. And the head, the vessel of the soul as the centre of its absolute individuality.“

Showroom  by @studiokuhlmann  (December 2021)

Exhibition design by Marta Pracht & Beatrice Cadar
contact via Instagram
@miomartita @beatricecdr

Exibitions - Pop-ups 2022


Multibrand Pop-Up  


Curated by Fabrikat89


(March 2022, Hohe Str. 152-154 Cologne)


End of the year Pop-Up & Workshops

In cooperation with my dear friend and talented Exhibition Designer Marta Pracht, we wanted to create a open exhibition and Pop Up to experience jewelry.

The idea was to bring people together again after the estranged time in Corona Lockdown and to exchange ideas in a creative environment.  And to bring the world of jewelry closer to all creative and interested people and to combine this in an interactive concept with workshops.

This year like the one before we started the preparation with the intention to create an extraordinary atmosphere and to use recycled materials for our look.

After elaborate restoration, old overseas crates have become wonderful exhibition platforms. Second-hand pieces, some borrowed and some misused, rounded off the overall picture.

A big thank you also goes to the wonderful guys from @rosebud_bar & @djdensen for their support on the opening evening!

Showroom  by (December 2022)

Exhibition design by Marta Pracht & Veronika Šola
contact via Instagram

Exibitions - Pop-ups 2023


Veronika Šola x Carolin Dieler - more than jewelry!

The idea that jewelry can stand apart from the body was the key idea for Carolin and me when we designed this limited series of objects. We wanted to create something together and break out of our comfort zone of metal, we were both fascinated by the materiality of glass. Glass is fragile yet durable, it can be shaped and used in almost any way. Light and colour are magically attracted to its surface.

In our joint work we created unique and functional glass objects. With the support of Cristallerie Schönberg from Rheinbach, we were able to realise our ideas. As a professional and experienced glassblower crafted the glasses and carafes we designed, we were particularly interested in additionally experimenting with the slumping method, as this gave us the freedom to shape a mould by hand that is then used to melt sheets of glass into. We love the idea of design blending with experimental and intuitive handcraft.


@carolindieler @cristallerieschoenberg

Thanks to @dreifreundeweine & @kessler_sekt for sponsoring our event!

Showroom  by  @daay (July 2023)


Multibrand pre Christmas Exhibition

Showroom  "Das Gelbe Palais" (Dez 2023)

Exibitions - Pop-ups 2024


New Collection -NOSTALGIA X FWEA-

This collection is dedicated to moments of indulging in old memories and the longing for that cosy feeling that takes us back to this world of thoughts through everyday objects and experiences.


Inspired by the recognition of my tools as an artist, the four elements that allow me to manifest my thoughts and images in materiality, to realise them and to transform metal into its final form.



Thanks to  @kessler_sekt for sponsoring our event!

Showroom  by  @daay (Feb 2024)

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