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More than jewelry! - Plate
  • More than jewelry! - Plate

    As a professional and experienced glassblower crafted the glasses and carafes we designed, we were particularly interested in experimenting with the slumping method, as this gave us the freedom to shape a mold by hand that is then used to melt sheets of glass into. We love the idea of design blending with experimental and intuitive handcraft.


    Limited edition of 8 plates, 8 bowls and 5 spoons

    Available here in the shop and at


      • Material

        ø 17 cm/ 1 cm high
        clear/ green bullseye glass

        Please note that despite all this, this is glass and should be treated as such. 

        In case of damage, please contact me or Carolin by email. As a professional glassblower produced our design glasses and carafes to ensure the quality of the pieces, it was a special need for us to design further individual objects that were shaped by our hands.

      • Mesurements

        Ø about 17cm 

      VAT Included
      Clear: Clear
      Green: Green
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